Going Off-Grid

Eagle Island, METhis weekend I begin my annual migration to an off-grid cottage whose most advanced technological feature is a rain-fed cistern connected to a hand pump. I hope to resist the urge to use the Internet (technically feasible but not easy), thus returning to Carbon-Nation with fresh insights from both the alternative manner of existence and the uninterrupted stretches of deep-thinking it delivers. Go ahead and chime in with deep thoughts of your own about our use of energy and options for rethinking it.

3 thoughts on “Going Off-Grid

  1. Peter, I’d like to know your thoughts on why North Americans surpass everyone else in energy consumed per capita, and what strategies we can employ to turn this around. I observe that the fuel economy of Ford, Daimler-Chrysler and GM (Opel/Vauxhall) vehicles sold in Europe is far better than those offered to North American consumers. I notice the higher use of ductless air conditioning in Asia, and tankless hot water heaters in Europe. I’m beginning to believe that the technology required to significantly reduce our per-capita consumption is proven, established, even old. Yet we don’t quickly adopt this “foreign” stuff. What to do?

  2. Peter,

    So that’s where you went. Beautiful! This is a great site with a lot of excellent material. I’m glad we’ve connected:)


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