I am a freelance science writer with a passion for energy and its implications

I’ve been moving ever since I was born in New York, building connections in the U.S., Canada, Japan and France before settling down. These days I call San Francisco and Vancouver Island home, and cover climate and energy developments globally. For two decades I have tracked the intersection of energy and the environment from the coalfields of Inner Mongolia to the unlit villages of Bolivia’s Cordillera Real and the solar PV-covered auto plants of Stuttgart. My byline appears regularly in diverse print and online publications, including The Atlantic, Scientific American, NewScientist, Hakai Magazine and Nature. In 2021 my reporting on political interference with research at the U.S. Department of Energy won an award for investigative journalism from the international media consortium Covering Climate Now. I enjoy speaking on climate change and energy systems through broadcast outlets and podcasts and to academic and professional audiences, have taught environmental journalism, and authored a book introducing young adults to electricity & magnetism.

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