Highlights by topic from >25 years covering energy, the environment, science & technology

Power Grids // Scientific American Solar and Wind Power Could Ignite a Hydrogen Energy Comeback [pdf] // Spectrum China’s Ambitious Plan to Build the World’s Biggest Supergrid // Spectrum Why Southern China Broke Up Its Power Grid // Spectrum The Great Baltic Disconnect // Discover Averting the Blackout of the Century // Spectrum San Francisco’s Secret DC Grid // Spectrum Why Japan’s Fragmented Grid Can’t Cope

Energy & Climate Policy // Nature Getting Political [pdf] // InsideClimate News States Using Social Cost of Carbon // Technology Review Japan’s Post-Fukushima Power Struggle // Earthzine Power Potential and Pitfalls on the Congo // Technology Review Carbon Trading on the Cheap // Spectrum Le Roi Nucléaire to be Dethroned // NewScientist Gamechangers ENERGY [pdf]

https://i2.wp.com/spectrum.ieee.org/img/spectrum082004-1367334872081.jpgRenewable Energy // Scientific American Europe Stores Renewable Electricity in Gas Pipes // New Scientist Finally we can power the planet on renewables alone – here’s how [pdf] // Technology Review Hawaii’s Solar Push Strains the Grid // Spectrum Rooftop Solar To Stabilize the Grid // CBC News Peace River a wind-power success story // Spectrum Plastic Solar Cells Roll Into Unlit Villages // Spectrum Tidal Power’s Surprising Comeback // Spectrum Solar-Cell Squabble

Architecture // Ensia Dysfunction by Design // Architectural Record Building-integrated Wind Power: A Force of Nature // Spectrum Frankfurt’s Electronically Controlled Exteriors // Architectural Record Urban Agriculture Grows Up // Arch Record Performance Anxiety

Mobility // Technology Review Hydrogen: The Dream that Won’t Die // Nature Next Generation Biofuels // Spectrum Deflating the Air Car // Spectrum China’s Cyclists Take Charge // Technology Review Hybrids’ Rising Sun // Technology Review Life in the Fast Lane

Climate & Environmental Science // TakePart The Unlikely Refuge for the West’s Most Adorable and Endangered Fox // Spectrum Satellites and Simulations Track Missing Methane // Technology Review Many, Many Smoking Guns // Discover The Easiest Way to Fight Global Warming? // Spectrum Neptune Rising

Nuclear Energy & Fossil Fuels // Technology Review Alberta’s Oil Sands Heat Up // Technology Review A Call for Safer Handling of Nuclear Waste // Technology Review How Technology Failed in the Gulf // Spectrum Nuclear Wasteland // Technology Review Carbon Dioxide for Sale // Spectrum King Coal Eats its Vegetables // Alberta Views Digging a Carbon Hole for Canada [pdf]

Health & Medicine // Technology Review Saving Lives with Living Machines [pdf] // Technology Review Blood from a Chip // Scholastic Choices The Fumes of Death

Technology // Spectrum Ethereum Plans to Cut Its Absurd Energy Consumption by 99 Percent // Spectrum The Ridiculous Amount of Energy It Takes to Run Bitcoin // Technology Review Nanotech by the Numbers // Technology Review Sewer Bots //Technology Review Creating Movie-quality Graphics in Real Time // Technology Review Programming Advanced Materials

Chemicals // Chemical Week Safety Investigation Board May Rise from the Ashes [pdf] // Chemical Week Campaign 2000: Executives Ante Up for Access to Bush [pdf] // Chemical Week Endocrine Disruptors: Sensationalism or Science? [pdf]