A sampling of my reporting on energy and the environment for …

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN  Founded in 1845, America’s oldest continually-published magazine covers science, technology, and policy and has a worldwide audience of more than 5 million people.  Weather-Smart Electric Grids Are Needed for Wind and Solar Power to Surge [pdf]

TECHNOLOGY REVIEW  Founded in 1899, MIT Technology Review operates independently from the world’s foremost technology institution.  Can Japan Recapture its Solar Power?  ☍  Alberta’s Oil Sands Heat Up  ☍  Carbon Trading on the Cheap  ☍  Saving Lives with Living Machines [pdf]

IEEE SPECTRUM  Flagship magazine for the world’s largest professional technology association and publisher, Spectrum explores the development, applications and implications of new technologies. It won a National Magazine Award for “General Excellence Among Thought Leader Magazines” and a Jesse H. Neal Award for Best News Coverage for its special report on the Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan.  Japan’s Post-Fukushima Power Struggle  ☍  Germany Jumpstarts the Supergrid  ☍  China’s Cyclists Take Charge  ☍  Nuclear Wasteland

NATURE  The world’s most cited scientific journal is an authoritative news source on science advances and science policy.  Climate Policy: Scientists Get Political  ☍  Dispatching Demand  ☍  Next Generation Biofuels

NEW SCIENTIST  The world’s most popular weekly science and technology magazine, published in London.  Finally we can power the planet on renewables alone – here’s how [pdf] ☍  Gamechangers: Energy [pdf]

DISCOVER  A popular science magazine launched in October 1980 by Time Inc.  Averting the Blackout of the Century  ☍  The Easiest Way to Fight Global Warming?  ☍  Turning Turkey Guts Into Oil

InsideClimate NEWS  An independent, Pulitzer Prize-winning not-for-profit news organization.  Has the UN Climate Assessment Process Become Obsolete?  ☍ States Are Using Social Cost of Carbon in Energy Decisions, Despite Trump’s Opposition

ENSIA  An independent, nonprofit magazine focused on solutions journalism.  Are Energy-Saving Settings Bad for the Environment?  ☍  If Carbon Pricing is So Great, Why isn’t it Working?

AlbertaViews  In 2009 this feisty little monthly was named Canadian Magazine of the Year.  Digging a Carbon Hole for Canada [pdf]

SUNDAY TIMES of LONDON  A colourful Murdoch broadsheet.  Keeping an Eye on the Storm  ☍  An Ice Age Cometh

ARCHITECTURAL RECORD  This >110-year-old monthly is read by both professional architects and engineers and non-experts tracking cutting edge design.  Building-Integrated Wind Power: A Force of Nature  ☍  Wizards of Weather  ☍  Green Walls   ☍  Urban Agriculture Grows Up

CBC.ca The public broadcaster’s online presence and one of Canada’s most popular websites.  Peace River: a wind-power success story